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Characteristics of the Nordic Countries

On this page you will find information regarding to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. 


When crossing the border, you must go with your pet along the red line in the custom and present the animal and its papers. Only when traveling by land from Sweden, you do not need to present cats, dogs or ferrets to the custom.

When traveling directly from Finland to Norway, dogs do not need to be treated with echinococcus medication. However, if the journey goes through Sweden, the medication must be administered 1-5 days before crossing the border to Norway (either in Finland or Sweden). Please note that the medication cannot be given at the border just before crossing; it must be administered at least 24 hours prior to crossing the border. For more information about echinococcosis and medication, please refer to this link.


The prohibited dog breeds in Norway are

American Staffordshire Terrier

Dogo Argentino

Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)

Pit Bull Terrier

Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog


There are very strict entry requirements to Iceland, whether it's for a shorter trip or moving to the country. You can only travel to Iceland with your pet by arriving at the international airport during specific arrival times. Pets are subject to a 14-day quarantine after arrival.


However, if you are transiting through Iceland via air travel, the import requirements do not apply to pets that do not leave the airport.


When traveling to Sweden, it is necessary to declare your pet to Swedish customs. You can pre-notify the Swedish customs authorities about your pet online which would allow you to use the green lane or "nothing to declare" lane upon arrival, meaning that you don't have to present the animal and its papers to the custom routinly. However, you should be able to provide the pet, documents, and the customs declaration if requested.


Alternatively, you can also declare your pet to customs using the red lane or "goods to declare" lane upon entry.


Notifying the custom is always required when crossing the border from any EU country. Only when entering from Norway you don't have to notify the custom.


There are several fighting dog breeds whose importation is prohibited to Denmark. However, Denmark allows the transportation of these breeds through the country by car, as long as they are not let out of the car except briefly for their toiletry needs.


The prohibited dog breeds are


American Bulldog

American Staffordshire Terrier


Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Dogo Argentino

Fila Brasileiro


Pit Bull Terrier


South Russian Shepherd Dog


Tosa Inu.

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