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Clinical Dog Examination_edited.jpg

Veterinary assistance abroad

Even if a trip is planned perfectly, unexpected things can always happen. The availability of veterinarians depends on the countries and the locations - in large cities, they can sometimes be found on every block, while in rural areas, they may be scarce. In Central and Southern Europe, there is no similar municipal veterinary system as in Finland, which guarantees veterinary care organized by municipalities 24/7 throughout the country. Veterinarians abroad are often privately owned, and in smaller, more remote locations, there may not necessarily be emergency assistance nearby. On the other hand, there can be a plentiful number of private, basic-level veterinary clinics in cities.

Where can I get help during the trip?

If your pet experiences a minor accident, you can utilize remote consultation with a Finnish veterinarian to assess the need for treatment and receive first aid instructions. Many little accidents can be managed without a physical visit to the veterinarian. The benefit of remote consultation is its accessibility from anywhere in the world, and depending on the country, language barriers can sometimes pose challenges when visiting a physical clinic. In the case of more significant accidents, the animal should be promptly taken to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment. Travelpet can assist in finding the nearest veterinarian and, if necessary, help clarify the situation through remote communication.


Learn more about remote consultations here!

Does the insurance cover abroad?

If your pet is insured with a Finnish insurance company, check ahead the coverage validity during trips abroad. Pet insurances are often divided into animal insurance (so called life insurance or insurance against theft), medical expense insurance, and animal liability insurance. Insurance company policies vary, but in many companies, medical expense insurance, for example, is valid for a maximum of one year abroad.

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