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Above the Clouds

Means of Transportation

The species, breed, size and weight of the pet affect how it can be transported and how much it costs to transport it. When traveling in your own car, you have the freedom to choose how do you transport your pet, but when traveling by air and on a ship, strict size and weight restrictions apply and the number of pets transported is limited. In public transportation, there are big differences in transporting pets depending on where you are. Within the same country, there can be great variation between the city and the countryside. 

Rusty Old Car


Your own or a rental car is a great way to travel with your pet! Driving abroad involves a few things that you should check before leaving Finland or your home country.

Cleaning a Cruise Ship


A trip over the sea easily comes into question when planning a trip from Finland to the Baltic countries or Sweden or to the islands around Europe. Pets are often welcome on route trips, but places are limited. 

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds


Flying with a pet can seem like an exciting idea at first. However, it is surprisingly easy when you remember to check certain things before buying tickets.

Above the Clouds
Lisbon Tram

Public trasportation

Buses, subways, trams, and taxis take pets on board with a big variety of rules. Depending on the location and means of transport, animals may travel in local traffic either without restrictions, in a transport box, with a muzzle on, or they may be prohibited altogether.

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