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Commonly operating airlines in Europe

What is the best airline to travel with a dog? Which airlines allow pets to be transported in the cabin?


On this page you can find information about the pet transportation policies of the largest and the most commonly operating airlines in Europe. The information is aimed to be up-to-date, but it is always recommended to check the latest updates directly from the airline's website before your trip. Even if you have flown with a particular airline before, weight limits and crate dimensions may vary depending on the type of aircraft and the operating carrier. By clicking on the airline's name, you can directly access their website.


Some low-cost airlines such as EasyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air do not transport pets at all.


Air Baltic

The maximum allowed weight limit in the cabin is 12 kg, which is significantly higher than on many other airlines.

Air France

Fighting dog breeds are not allowed on flights. Some of the brachycephalic breeds are allowed to be transported as cargo, while others are not. For detailed lists, please refer to Air France's website. 

Air Malta

Cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. In the cargo hold, it is possible to transport ferrets, rabbits, and birds as well. Air Malta often operates with Ryanair, which does not allow pets on their flights. Requires a veterinary check of the animal before the flight.

Austrian Airlines

There are specific requirements for transporting 'ighting dog breeds. Snub-nosed cats and dogs can only be transported in the cabin.


Transports pets in the cabin and cargo hold, accepting also more exotic animals. Fighting dog breeds and dogs over 20kg should wear a muzzle.

Chair Airlines

Transports cats, dogs and turtles up to 6 kg in the cabin. Bigger animals have to go in the cargo hold, no other than aforementioned animal species allowed. Does not fly snub-nosed pets.


Does not allow snub-nosed animals or flighting dog breeds or their mixed breeds on the flights. Connecting flights are not possible to arrange. Condor has many connections with relatively cheap tickets (compared to many other airlines) to pets to fly outside of Europe. 


Transports only small cats and dogs (mx. 8 kg) in the cabin in Europe. 


In addition to cats and dogs, more exotic animals such as pet rabbits, turtles, and hedgehogs are allowed to travel in the cabin when the weight of the pet and the transport crate is a maximum of 8 kg. Other more exotic animals (such as snakes, birds, and lizards) as well as rodents should be transported as cargo.

Iberia / Iberia Express / Air Nostrum

In addition to cats and dogs, turtles, birds, and fish can be transported in the cabin as long as their weight, including the transport crate, does not exceed 8 kg. Only cats and dogs are transported in the cargo hold. It is important to be careful when purchasing tickets as the weight limits and other policies may differ between Vueling and other airlines, as they often operate on each other's flights.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Only transportation of cats and dogs in the cabin or in the cargo hold is allowed on the same flight with the owner, not without the owner. No cargo transportation is available, which means that more exotic animals and cats/dogs to countries that require animal arrival as cargo (e.g., the United Kingdom, Australia) are not transported. Snub-nosed cats and dogs are only allowed in the cabin (less than 8kg).


Short-nosed cats and dogs are only allowed in the cabin, not in the cargo hold. Dangerous breeds are named separately, and separate transportation requirements apply. The airline requires filling out a separate form before transporting the pet (even if it is traveling in the cabin).


Allows only transport bags made from soft materian in the cabin. There are 3 pet seats in the cabin and 1-2 in the cargo hold depending on the type of the aircraft. Snub-nosed breeds can only be transported in the cabin.


Transportation of cats and dogs only. In the cargo hold, a maximum of 2 animals of the same size (maximum weight of 14 kg per animal) can be transported in one crate. For the transportation of snub-nosed dogs, a liability waiver form by the owner must be signed.


Cats and dogs can be transported in both the cabin and the cargo hold, while other animal species are transported only as cargo. Up to 3 cats or dogs of the same size can be transported together in one crate in the cargo hold. The maximum weight for the animal and crate being transported in the cargo hold is quite high, with a maximum of 150 kg. A pre-filled transport certificate is required for all flights except for domestic flights within Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.


The airline requires filling out a separate transportation form before flying the pet (even if it is traveling in the cabin). Snub-nosed breeds are not transported in the cargo hold, only in the cabin (pets weighing less than 8 kg). There are specific requirements for transporting designated fighting dog breeds.

TAP Portugal

Transports only cats and dogs in the cabin and cargo hold. In the cargo hold the maximum weight limit of the dog and the crate is 32-45kg. Other animal species must be transported through TAP Air Cargo. 


The rules vary depending on the country in which TUI operates. Some of TUI's scheduled flights are only available through the respective country's TUI website, in which case the rules of that country apply. From certain countries, such as Germany or Belgium, it is also possible to fly with pets outside of Europe. TUIfly primarily transports cats and dogs, either in the cargo hold and/or in the cabin, depending on the departure and destination country. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the pet transportation rules separately, depending on the specific travel route and the country in which the flight is operated. There are no common rules that cover all countries.

Turkish Airlines

Transportation of cats, dogs, and small birds is allowed in the cabin. Short-nosed cats and dogs are only allowed in the cabin. There is a convenient price calculator available on the website. Larger animals are transported in the cargo hold, and fighting dog breeds are transported as cargo.


Cats, dogs, birds (excluding birds of prey), and turtles are allowed to be transported in the cabin. There is no option to transport animals in the cargo hold, only in the cabin. The maximum allowed weight for pets has been reduced from 10kg to a more common 8kg as of summer 2023. Iberia operates several Vueling flights, so always ensure to check with the operating airline for the current restrictions (Iberia also transports cats and dogs in the cargo hold).

On the table below you can find the maximum weight limits and crate dimentions and approximate prices of the pet tickets on the most common airlines operating in Europe!


The tables open larger by clicking it!


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