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Before your trip

On this page, you will find useful information before your trip. Preparing for a trip depends on the destination and the mode of transportation, but when traveling within EU countries, there are basic requirements that apply to all non-commercial pet travel. These requirements include mandatory identification, vaccinations, and travel documents. Additionally, depending on the destination, it may be necessary to prepare for specific disease prevention with appropriate medication. Depending on the mode of transportation, your pet may require a specific type of carrier, motion sickness medication, or other special supplies, which should be obtained in advance. It is also important to learn about the specific characteristics of your destination, common infectious diseases in cats and dogs in Europe, as well as some plants or insects encountered in nature that may unexpectedly appear harmful during the trip.


It is advisable to acclimate your pet to traveling well in advance of the trip. Traveling with a timid or inexperienced pet requires special planning to minimize the stress caused by the journey. A city-dog accustomed to restaurants and public spaces will likely travel much more calmly in busy train stations and airports than the fellow dog from the countryside, who may be unaccustomed to slippery floors and announcements. Sometimes it is more sensible to leave a particularly timid pet at home and arrange for their care during the trip. However, if you do plan to bring a more sensitive pet on the journey, it is possible to use calming and anxiety-reducing products as part of a well-planned travel.

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