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Our Services

We offer remote veterinary consultations and personalized travel consultations. All our services are conducted remotely, so they are available to you from anywhere in the world!

Travelpet matkustus koira

We provide personal assistance in organizing and resolving travel-related questions with your pet before and during your trip. During a meeting we can, for example, go through all the necessary travel documents, allowing you to plan your journey with peace of mind!

from 25 €


Our online veterinary consultations are available to you no matter where you are in the world! Even if an incident occurs far from a city, help is still within reach. Remote veterinary consultations are ideal for assessing the need for treatment and receiving first aid instructions!

from 35 €

You can create your own username

You can create your own username to make booking an appointment easier! You can create the account below or on the left side of the top menu. Creating a username is not mandatory, but by logging in you can see for example your past and future reservations and save your own booking details. By creating a user you agree with register and data protection statement and the terms of use.

Creating a username does not require making an appointment!

How the consultations are conducted

Meetings are primarily carried out in Zoom with the help of a video connection or by phone. If you are unable to use Zoom, the meeting can also be arranged via a normal phone call, a WhatsApp call, a Facetime call or Google Meet -meeting. 

The travel consultation by email is carried out entirely by email.

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