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You will receive a checklist of essential pet travel supplies, participate in monthly service giveaways, and receive monthly updates on pet health and travel information directly to your email, all completely free of charge!

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More information about the subscriber's benefits

- You will receive a checklist of pet travel essentials directly to your email


- You automatically participate in a monthly giveaway where you can win a free remote veterinary consultation or travel consultation. No separate entry is required, and the winner will be notified personally.

- You will receive a monthly email with a unique discount code to be used in different services

- You will be the first to receive updates on current topics related to pet health and travel

- Subscribing to the newsletter does not require any additional actions from you, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Instructions for unsubscribing can be found here.

These benefits are valid from January 1, 2024, and apply to all customers who have previously subscribed to the newsletter. Travelpet reserves the right to change the benefits at any time without prior notice.

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