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Online veterinary consultation

A remote vet consultation from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world!  Online consultation is a stress-free for your furry friend and it works perfectly also during your trip if you have any questions regarding your pet's health. You can contact the Europian licensed vet via video or phone call from anywhere in the world!

Mitä voidaan tutkia ja hoitaa

What can be examined and treated?

With an online vet consultation the pet's need for treatment can be assessed and the first aid instructions can be given in the case of a little accidents. We can focus on preventive health care or think about follow-up care to previous veterinary visits. Many of the pets' problems can be treated with over-the-counter preparations and medicines from a pharmacy, and when traveling abroad, depending on the country, the selection of over-the-counter medicines can be more comprehensive than in your home country. However, prescription drugs cannot usually be prescribed at a remote consultations.

Remote visits can often be used to treat for example;

  • acute gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea)

  • skin problems, itching

  • eye and ear problems

  • mild poisonings 

  • minor injuries such as small cuts

  • healthcare

  • matters related to nutrition

If your pet has breathing problems, is convulsing, is unconscious, is bleeding profusely or has a major trauma, contact the nearest veterinary hospital on duty immediately! 

Miten käynnit toteutetaan

How are the visits conducted?

The consultations are primarily carried out via Zoom. If you are unable to use Zoom, a video meeting can also be organized via Google Meet or as a traditional phone call (within EU-countries) or WhatsApp or FaceTime call.

Connecting to a call with a video allows the vet to see the animal, so the veterinarian can assess its general appearance and essence and ask the owner to check certain things about the animal during the call. With the help of the video connection it is also possible to examine for example wounds, hairless/irritated skin areas, etc. The visual assessment can be essential in terms of choosing the right treatment. You can also take pictures of the pet or the area being affected and send them to the veterinarian. 


Book an appointment for a remote consultation through our Booking System! 

There is also an opportunity for a "travel aid package" - stay tuned!

Etäkonsultaatio vs perinteine

The differences of remote consultation compared to a traditional physical visit at the clinic

In a remote consultation, several small problems of the pets can be treated when the pet's life is not in an immediate danger. Remote consultation is best suited for pets without major pre-existing medical conditions. A remote visit can not always replace a traditional physical visit to a clinic, because often in veterinary medicine, the general clinical examination of the animal performed during the visit is one key to a successful treatment. The condition of the animal can be also evaluated well through pictures, videos and the information provided by the owner. If the pet's health cannot be assessed reliably enough using a remote techniques, you will always be directed to the nearest veterinary clinic. If your pet has multiple illnesses and is on several different medications, we recommend taking your pet directly to a veterinarian's physical examination.

If your pet has difficulties is breathing, is convulsing, is unconscious, is bleeding profusely or has major traumas (e.g. punctured eye, large wounds, deeply embedded foreign objects, fractures), contact the nearest veterinary hospital on duty immediately! In emergency cases, you can get advice from the remote service, but regardless, the animal must be delivered to treatment without delay!

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