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Returning/traveling to Finland from other EU countries, Norway or Switzerland

On this page we discuss the requirements to travel or to return to Finland from the other EU-countries, Norway or Switzerland assuming that the pet has an EU-style pet passport. Remember the echinococcosis treatment at least 24 hours before arriving to Finland!

Mandatory requirements

For returning or traveling to Finland, practically the same requirements as when leaving Finland apply - identification, an EU-style pet passport and a valid rabies vaccination. In addition to these, dogs returning to Finland or being brought into Finland must be treated for echinococcosis as required by law.


When returning/traveling together (+/- 5 days) with your own pet (max 5 of them) from a trip, there is no need to make a declaration to customs. However, customs may randomly check the identification markings and documents of arriving pets so you should always have the documents ready.


If you have been traveling abroad for an extended period, check the validity of the rabies vaccination before returning to Finland. Rabies vaccinations are usually valid for 3 years. If the rabies vaccination has expired during the trip, it must be renewed before returning to Finland. The rabies vaccination can be renewed abroad, but only vaccinations given in EU countries can be recorded in the pet passport. If the previous rabies vaccination has expired, there is a 21-day waiting period after the booster vaccination during which international travel is not allowed. If the vaccination is renewed before the expiration date of the previous vaccination, no waiting period is required.


Echinococcosis treatment should be administered to dogs 1-5 days before returning to Finland. Please notice, that it's not possible to give the medicine on the border, it needs to be administered no later than 24h before border crossing. The medication needs to be given at the veterinary clinic and marked officially to the pet passport by the veterinarian. Read more about echinococcosis treatment here!

What else is good to take into account when returning to Finland?

See other advice and recommendations when returning/traveling to Finland with a pet from the Travel to Finland -tab!

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